Mastering Modern Midlife

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Linda Purl - Actress and Singer - MMM#19 S03E05

April 8, 2021

Catherine's guest is Linda Purl whom you may recognize from her recurring roles on “Happy Days,” “The Office,” and many other movies and shows. Linda is an actress, singer and mother. Her latest album release is “Taking a Chance on Love.”
Speaking of love, Linda joins Catherine to talk about everything from finding love with Patrick Duffy from Dallas to her longstanding career in Hollywood and on the stage.
In today’s conversation, you will learn:
  • Why every chapter of a woman’s life reveals a true Self
  • Why we must ask ourselves “What can I give back?” 
  • How Linda found love later in life
  • The story behind meeting Patrick Duffy 
  • What it was like to have Lucille Ball as a Mother in law
  • Why she believes solitude is splendid 
  • Why holding the high ground wins the day
  • Why we must live life to the fullest 
  • How growing up in Japan shaped her spiritual beliefs 
  • Why we must find our way back to a middle way in politics.
Please follow along with Linda on her wonderful blog, Blue Pearl.