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Laura Bruno - Medical Intuitive, Life Coach, Astrologer and a Woman Who Changed My Life! MMM#9 S2E2

February 26, 2020
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Laura Bruno is a Medical Intuitive, Reiki Master Teacher, Life Coach, professional Intuitive, author, artist, and organic gardener. A fateful 1998 traumatic brain injury shifted her intended life course from a professor of English Literature to a very different type of “reader.” Four years of near-total disability initiated her into deep meditation, shamanic journeying, herbal remedies, visual therapy, energy medicine, food vibrations, the power of prayer, and a world of uncanny synchronicity. In October 2001, as part of her own recovery process, Laura began helping others that traditional medicine and mainstream culture left behind — encouraging clients to rewrite their stories into more magical and soulful tales of liberation, creativity, empowerment and joy.

Laura played a major role in my recovery from Late Stage Lyme Disease. My work with Laura led to a significant shift in my belief system, encouraging me to see myself on an entirely different level. She is a gifted astrologer and shares these gifts with my community through her monthly North Node Horoscopes to encourage women at Midlife and Beyond to follow their soul’s calling, their true North Star that is found within their North Nodes. 

On this show you will learn:

  1. Why a Midlife “Crisis” is the great liberator for the Modern Midlife woman.
  2. How medical intuition differs from traditional intuition.
  3. Why tapping into creativity leads to healing.
  4. How to develop your own intuition by focusing on your strengths.
  5. Why Lyme Disease (or any other major illness) is oftentimes your greatest gift.
  6. How living the life of your highest potential NOW can help in healing illness.
  7. How a health crisis can lead to a major life change.
  8. What illness can teach us about ourselves.
  9. Why Lyme Disease is a “life path” illness.
  10. 3 Small Action Steps you can take to help change your life.
  11. How illness can help you change the idea of who you are in a positive way.
  12. How the North Nodes in Astrology hold the key to your soul’s calling. 

Visit Laura’s wonderful blog for more information on working with her. She changed my life!