Mastering Modern Midlife

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Kristen Coffield - The Modern Midlife Culinary Disruptor! MMM#12 S2E5

March 26, 2020

Kristen Coffield is the founder and owner of The Culinary Cure™, a consulting business and information website. She is dedicated to helping busy, overwhelmed professionals improve their health and increase their energy through in-person training sessions, workshops, seminars and coaching. She is an inspirational speaker, a coach and a "kitchen interventionist" helping people understand the power of food to help them lead healthier lives. Tune into today's episode and learn:

1. The power food has to transform your life and give you more control.
2. How a dark night of the soul led to the ultimate Phoenix rising.
3. Why you must put your health first and use food as your partner to live your best life.
4. How changing her relationship with food changed her life and her relationship with everything.
5. The moment Kristen changed feeling powerless to powerful.
6. Why dehydration can lead to overeating.
7. How eating unconsciously is the enemy of good health.
8. Why your kitchen is a microcosm of your life and why you may need a kitchen intervention.
9. How to re-purpose your husband!
10. Why detoxifying the mind is as important as the body. You can find more info about Kristen on her website The Culinary Cure