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Joe McQuillen - A Father’s Powerful Journey to the Other Side to Find His Son. MMM#5 S1E5

July 23, 2019
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Joe McQuillen is a father, a husband, and now the author of “My Search for Christopher on The Other Side.” In January of 2016, Joe lost his oldest son Christopher in a tragic accident. His latest book chronicles his personal story of love, loss, and how he found a way to connect and communicate with Christopher on the other side.

This a profound story of openness, faith, and trust that will touch your heart.

Show themes and topics will help you learn:

  • How Joe survived a parents worst nightmare
  • How to find the strength to go on after losing a loved one
  • How he learned to communicate with Christopher on the other side
  • How Joe knew, without a doubt, that he was connecting with his son
  • The lesson Christopher taught him about forgiveness
  • The role of free will plays in life and death
  • The difference between a spirit and a soul
  • What an “exit point” is and how many we have in a lifetime
  • How a spirit’s personality remains the same on the other side
  • The powerful lesson Christopher taught Joe about fear and letting go
  • What “spirit writing” is and how it differs from automatic writing
  • The message Joe received that allowed him to let go of his anger toward God 
  • The difference between healing and grieving
  • What Joe learned about love from his son
  • How to live with a broken heart
  • How you can learn to connect with a loved one on the other side

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