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Joan Lunden - Journalist, TV Host and Author -”Why Did I Come IntoThis Room?” MMM#14 S3E1

February 2, 2021

Joan Lunden is a household name for many Midlife women who grew up with her as the Host of Good Morning America for almost 20 years. An award-winning journalist, a bestselling author many times over, a motivational speaker, and a Health and Wellness Advocate, Joan is both wise and delightful in her mission to help women Master Modern Midlife!

Joan, who recently turned 70 (crazy, right?)  joins Catherine on today’s show to share her latest book, “Why Did I Come Into This Room? A Candid Conversation Around Aging.” She is passionate about healthy aging and leading a healthy lifestyle with an emphasis on mind, body and soul. 

It’s a can’t miss show and a lively conversation where you’ll learn:

  • Why conversation is key to normalizing aging.
  • What it was like for Joan to be called a “Senior Citizen” for the first time.
  • The real reason she left Good Morning America.
  • Why her Mother was her greatest inspiration and role model.
  • How a positive attitude plays a vital role in healthy aging.
  • Why much of how we age is a choice.
  • What it means to “Decline to Decline.”
  • How expectation relates to positive aging.
  • Why one of Joan’s greatest fears might surprise you.
  • The key to creating a powerful legacy.

Be sure to check out Joan's fabulous book "Why Did I Come Into This Room? A Candid Conversation About Aging."

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