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Brittany Wagner - Netflix Breakout Star and Her Midlife Reinvention! MMM#8 S2E1

February 19, 2020

Brittany Wagner is a nationally respected athletic academic counselor, life coach and motivational speaker. She skyrocketed to world-wide fame in 2016 as the inspirational star of the hit Netflix documentary series, “Last Chance U”. Known for giving “troublemakers” their last chance at making it to the next level, Ms. Wagner was the vivacious, mentor and mother-figure to these young men – often times the driving factor behind their future successes. Wagner’s stardom has landed her interviews with ABC’s Nightline, The Dan Patrick Show, The Kidd Kraddick In the Morning Show, GQ, The New York Times and New York Daily News – to name a few. Her common question, “Do you have a pencil?” has become a phenomena across the world since the show’s debut. 

On today’s show you will learn:

  1. How a painful heartbreak was a blessing that led to a powerful life lesson in humility.
  2. Why your “Why?” is much more important than your “What?” in life.
  3. What her students taught her about life and helped to shift her  perspective.
  4. How self doubt played an important role in her life.
  5. Why positive self talk is so important.
  6. How our beliefs impact who we become.
  7. Why the moment you’re about to give up is usually right before the magic happens in life.
  8. How “imposter syndrome” has impacted Brittany personally and what she does to combat it.
  9. How confidence and self esteem impact us and are critical to success in life.
  10. Why we must own our story and stop hiding our truth.
  11. The simple secret to her success.
  12. Her perspective on the power of Midlife.
  13. What she and Courtney Cox have in common.

If you’d like to contact Brittany, book her as a speaker, or learn more about her mission and her company 10 Thousand Pencils, take a visit to her website. You can follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.