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Linda Purl - Actress and Singer - MMM#19 S03E05

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Catherine's guest is Linda Purl whom you may recognize from her recurring roles on “Happy Days,” “The Office,” and many other movies and shows. Linda is an actress, singer and mother. Her latest album release is “Taking a Chance on Love.”
Speaking of love, Linda joins Catherine to talk about everything from finding love with Patrick Duffy from Dallas to her longstanding career in Hollywood and on the stage.
In today’s conversation, you will learn:
  • Why every chapter of a woman’s life reveals a true Self
  • Why we must ask ourselves “What can I give back?” 
  • How Linda found love later in life
  • The story behind meeting Patrick Duffy 
  • What it was like to have Lucille Ball as a Mother in law
  • Why she believes solitude is splendid 
  • Why holding the high ground wins the day
  • Why we must live life to the fullest 
  • How growing up in Japan shaped her spiritual beliefs 
  • Why we must find our way back to a middle way in politics.
Please follow along with Linda on her wonderful blog, Blue Pearl.

Amberly Lago - “You Have a 99% Chance of Losing Your Leg.” She Replies, ” I’ll Take the 1%” MMM#18 S03E04

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Amberly Lago is a survivor. She is a motivational speaker and bestselling author of “True Grit and Grace -  Turning Tragedy into Triumph.” Amberly shares her inspiring story of True Grit and Grace where her life was forever altered, but not without rich rewards. Amberly weaves the tale of her life alongside the grueling process of healing from her motorcycle accident. Through gratitude and self-care, she found the ability to walk again while  living with the chronic pain of CRPS.


Amberly’s life story of astounding resilience has inspired a revolutionary lesson she offers to the world. She brings unique strategies developed to teach others how to tap into their superpower of resilience and persevere through any challenge. She is a powerhouse of energy on stage with a story that will engage and captivate any audience. Her keynote speeches, best-selling book, workshops, and podcasts offer hope and solutions for living life at its fullest to those in chronic pain (like her) and those who find themselves struggling against any obstacle.


On today’s show, you will learn:


  • How a tragic motorcycle accident almost ended her life.
  • How shame weighs us down and letting go sets us free.
  • Why running from our feelings doesn’t work.
  • The resilience isn’t about bouncing back.
  • How feeling our feelings leads to healing.
  • How to reframe negative experiences or memories into positive ones.
  • Why we must teach others how to treat ourselves.
  • Why it’s so important to share our stories from a scar not an open wound.
  • Why we must practice gratitude.
  • How numbing cuts off your connection to your light.
  • Why choice is our superpower.
  • How comparison leads to despair.
  • How she has learned to live with the “suicide disease” and chronic pain.
  • 3 Powerful Action Steps that will change your life!


Here are links to Amberly’s book True Grit and Grace and  her website. Do. Not. Miss.

Keele Burgin - Activist and Author: Wholly Unraveled MMM#17 S03E04

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Keele Burgin is a woman in a relentless pursuit to help women find their voice.  She believes when a woman finds her voice, she will change the world around her.   

Keele joins Catherine today to share her memoir, “Wholly Unraveled,” a deeply inspiring personal journey of self discovery. Keele is also the Founder of (B) Tribes, a movement and mission that helps women who are on the path of being the heroine of their own journey.

On today’s show, you will learn:

  • The importance of owning your story
  • How Keele escaped from a childhood cult 
  • Why silence has both a power and a price
  • Why finding your voice isn’t enough
  • How silence helps you find your voice
  • Why hope is on the other side of trauma
  • How to find peace and forgiveness after trauma
  • The power of simply “doing the next right thing” 
  • Why you must know you are worthy
  • How to make your personal trauma beautiful

You can find Keele’s book and “B” Tribes here.

Meaghan Murphy - Editor In Chief at Woman’s Day and Author: “Your Fully Charged Life” MMM#16 S03E03

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Meaghan B Murphy is an author, editor, on-air personality, lifestyle and health expert and influencer, a home-hack master and certified trainer. Meaghan was recently named Editor in Chief of Woman’s Day (the #1 selling magazine on newsstands), charged with energizing the brand across print and digital. This follows a 6-year stint as executive editor at Good Housekeeping. She is also the perky co-host of the “Off The Gram Podcast.” 

In my eyes, Meagan is a true Super Woman, as a wife and mother of 3 as well as a new author. Meaghan joins the show today to share her book recently launched, “Your Fully Charged Life: A Radically Simple Approach to Having Endless Energy and Filling Every Day With YAY!”

On today’s show, you will be inspired to fill your days with YAY while learning:

  • Why “To be happy, you must do happy.
  • The most important traits happy people have in common.
  • How Meaghan transformed her life from a negative nelly to a life of positivity.
  • Why every person needs a positivity practice.
  • How to train your brain to see the good in life.
  • Why you’re not broken and you don’t need to be fixed!
  • How to “reframe what’s lame.”
  • Why the question “Why not me?” is fundamental to a life of YAY!
  • What to do if meditation isn’t for you.
  • Find out how “dopamine dressing” can change the way you get dressed every day.
  • The secret to diffusing negativity.

You can find Meaghan on her website and her Off The Gram Podcast including her episode with Dr. Darria who guided her through Covid-19. 

Jen Thoden - Color Master and Author: That’s My Color! MMM#15 S3E2

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Jen Thoden (Vax) is a vlogger, entrepreneur, author, and inspirational speaker. She is also the founder of Your Color Style, a proprietary color system that includes products and programs to make it easy for women to discover their best colors. Jen’s most recent book, “That’s My Color: Discover Your 5 Signature Colors and Transform Your Life,” shares the story of Jen’s heartbreaking journey of loss to her inspirational, personal transformation and how color played an extraordinary role in her Midlife reinvention. 

On today’s show, you’ll discover:

  • Why color is key to personal transformation.
  • How the heartbreaking loss of Jen’s daughter to cancer led her on a path of Self discovery. 
  • The connection of color to energy. 
  • How to find your 5 Signature Colors. 
  • Why it’s so important for women to color our world our way. 
  • How what we think about ourselves impacts our self worth. 
  • The key to changing your self image. 
  • How a Midlife wake up call opens the door to a new life. 
  • The importance of giving yourself permission 
  • How to stop seeking external validation and learn to trust yourself. 
  • The role color plays in self discovery and creating a new identity. 
  • What R2 D2 is doing in Jen’s office! (HeHe)


You can connect with Jen on her website and can purchase her fabulous book here.

Joan Lunden - Journalist, TV Host and Author -”Why Did I Come IntoThis Room?” MMM#14 S3E1

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Joan Lunden is a household name for many Midlife women who grew up with her as the Host of Good Morning America for almost 20 years. An award-winning journalist, a bestselling author many times over, a motivational speaker, and a Health and Wellness Advocate, Joan is both wise and delightful in her mission to help women Master Modern Midlife!

Joan, who recently turned 70 (crazy, right?)  joins Catherine on today’s show to share her latest book, “Why Did I Come Into This Room? A Candid Conversation Around Aging.” She is passionate about healthy aging and leading a healthy lifestyle with an emphasis on mind, body and soul. 

It’s a can’t miss show and a lively conversation where you’ll learn:

  • Why conversation is key to normalizing aging.
  • What it was like for Joan to be called a “Senior Citizen” for the first time.
  • The real reason she left Good Morning America.
  • Why her Mother was her greatest inspiration and role model.
  • How a positive attitude plays a vital role in healthy aging.
  • Why much of how we age is a choice.
  • What it means to “Decline to Decline.”
  • How expectation relates to positive aging.
  • Why one of Joan’s greatest fears might surprise you.
  • The key to creating a powerful legacy.

Be sure to check out Joan's fabulous book "Why Did I Come Into This Room? A Candid Conversation About Aging."

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Sheri Salata - Be the Star of Your Own Life MMM#13 S2E6

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It’s not everyday you get to interview Oprah’s right hand gal! Sheri Salata was the Executive Producer of the Oprah Winfrey Show and President of both Harpo Studios and The OWN Network. In her amazing reinvention, she is now the author of The Beautiful No: And Other Tales of Trial, Transcendence and Transformation. Named an Amazon best-selling new release and an Apple Must Listen audio book, the memoir has touched thousands of readers and inspired them to reimagine their lives and become worthy stewards of their own wellbeing. “Been there, ran that” is the hallmark of Sheri’s inspirational leadership story. 

Sheri’s ventures as an author, speaker, producer and founder are the evolution of her life-altering 20-year career with Oprah Winfrey. Named one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business, The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment Power 100 and Feminist Press Power Award Winners, Sheri is also the cohost of The Sheri + Nancy Show, a top podcast about living the life of your dreams, and the cofounder of the aspirational lifestyle brand, The Pillar Life.

Join today's show and learn:

  1. Why not receiving what you want may be the best thing for you.
  2. The importance of radical self care.
  3. How Sheri has redefined success to include meaning.
  4. Why Midlife is the perfect pivot from Seeker to Finder.
  5. Why living an "integrated life" is a life of wholeness.
  6. How to not waste one more minute of your precious life.
  7. The story behind her decision to leave OWN and the Oprah Winfrey
  8. How to make your bucket list your "life list."
  9. Why shame and "light" can't coexist.
  10. How to stir the fire of hope.

You can find more information on Sheri and her work including her podcast on her website Sheri Salata.

Kristen Coffield - The Modern Midlife Culinary Disruptor! MMM#12 S2E5

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Kristen Coffield is the founder and owner of The Culinary Cure™, a consulting business and information website. She is dedicated to helping busy, overwhelmed professionals improve their health and increase their energy through in-person training sessions, workshops, seminars and coaching. She is an inspirational speaker, a coach and a "kitchen interventionist" helping people understand the power of food to help them lead healthier lives. Tune into today's episode and learn:

1. The power food has to transform your life and give you more control.
2. How a dark night of the soul led to the ultimate Phoenix rising.
3. Why you must put your health first and use food as your partner to live your best life.
4. How changing her relationship with food changed her life and her relationship with everything.
5. The moment Kristen changed feeling powerless to powerful.
6. Why dehydration can lead to overeating.
7. How eating unconsciously is the enemy of good health.
8. Why your kitchen is a microcosm of your life and why you may need a kitchen intervention.
9. How to re-purpose your husband!
10. Why detoxifying the mind is as important as the body. You can find more info about Kristen on her website The Culinary Cure

Kirschen Katz - Yoga with the Stars and Her Healing Journey MMM#11 S2E4

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What would it be like to travel the world with Julia Roberts during her Eat Pray Love film tour? Find out on today's show as Kirshen Katz joins Catherine on the set of Mastering Modern Midlife. Kirschen is a celebrity yoga instructor and the founder of Kirschen Katz Yoga and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. She has been practicing yoga for over 25 years and caters to a high-profile clientele, including top corporate executives, leading entertainment professionals and major motion picture and television actors. Kirschen Yoga harnesses the healing power of yoga, lifestyle, and fitness combined to cultivate a rich existence on this journey of "LIFE" Join Catherine and Kirshen to hear her personal journey from trauma to healing. On today's show, you will learn:

1. The defining moment when Kirshen's abusive father lost his power over her.
2. How running became her escape and ultimately, saved her life.
3. Her lessons on forgiveness and how forgiveness led to healing trauma.
4. How she healed from bulimia and realized anxiety was the root.
5. Her personal process to deal with dark thoughts.
6. Her perspective on abundance that's not what you think.
7. What it was like to travel with Julia Roberts on her Eat Pray Love Film Tour.

You can learn more and contact Kirschen on her website!

Danielle LaPorte - A Heart Centered Approach to Sourcing Your True Power MMM#10 S2E3

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Danielle LaPorte is a bestselling Canadian author, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, and blogger. She is a member of Oprah's Super Soul 100 and is a leader in the Self Help arena as the author of three non-fiction books with an emphasis on conscious goal-setting and entrepreneurship. Her latest book, "White Hot Truth," is overflowing with her popular "Truth Bombs." Danielle believes in the importance of Self Agency and leading a heart centered life now more than ever. She is a lifelong Truth Seeker and a woman who has had to fight for her Joy.

On this show, you will learn:

1. What Self Agency is and why it's vital to be the leader of our own lives.
2. The connection between Midlife and the Phoenix rising.
3. How her divorce led to a lesson in forgiveness.
4. Why we must not avoid the shadows and dark night of the soul.
5. What is a Truth Bomb.
6. How being a workaholic stopped Danielle from healing and feeling.
7. Why her latest Dark Night of the Soul was her worst and led to her most profound healing.
8. How Joy and Alignment are related.
9. How she learned to transform pain into power.
10. Why being "vigilant with our thoughts" is so important.

I strongly encourage you to visit her website and learn more about this incredible woman, and if you ever have the opportunity to attend one of her talks, do so!

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